Ingenious Purpose



London.  1957.  Derek Eveleigh is a skilled photographer, very down on his luck.  A mysterious envelope arrives from a stranger asking him to take secret pictures of an elegant young woman as she walks in Holland Park.  The reward is handsome, but the irresistible assignment takes a sudden, shocking turn.  Entangled, and compelled to understand, Derek is led into a seedy Soho nightlife populated by dubious characters.  What do an Irish comedian, an American saxophone player and a Russian magician have to do with the bloody event he has witnessed?  And how are these men connected to the young woman in Holland Park?  In attempting to learn the truth, Derek finds his whole life turned upside down. 
Douglas Post’s wonderfully intelligent thriller does more than keep you on the edge of your seat – it examines and illuminates the turbulent human heart.



The Watermill Theatre Newbury: 22 Sep – 17 Oct 2020
Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough: 21 – 24 Oct 2020
The Greenhouse Theater Center, Chicago: 10 Aug – 10 Sept 2016
Vertigo Theatre, Calgary, Canada: 17 Jan – 15 Feb 2015
St James Theatre, London: 3 – 25 January 2014